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Site Hosting Setup & Maintenance

hosting___305_r2 Lucid Element does not support in-house hosting services. There was a time when services like web hosting were considered unaffordable for small businesses. With the evolution of the World Wide Web, a number of companies entered this domain and started offering hosting services at cheap rates, and even free of cost. Although there are numerous hosting companies that do not meet expectations, the net effect on the market has been the introduction of larger, more secure hosts offering comprehensive services at more affordable rates to smaller businesses.

We typically suggest GoDaddy hosting and domain solutions for our users because it has the most comprehensive suite of off-the-shelf server applications and support for almost any site development. Their hosting plans offer 99.9% guaranteed uptime, best-of-breed routers, servers and firewalls and the best 24/7 support and maintenance on the Web. Of course, your online presence will be secure, reliable and lightning-fast.

When deployed to manage your content, Lucid Element will update your website anytime, anywhere. We can add unlimited web pages and images to your website quickly and easily.


By utilizing Lucid Element as a content management resource, you will also:

  • Save money ...let us update and grow your website while you concentrate on doing what you do best, managing your business' revenue
  • Reduce time-to-publish ...get your content published faster with a dedicated content manager by your side.
  • Always stay up-to-date ...fresh content can be added through any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world
  • Have complete flexibility ...we can train any number of individuals to add, edit and delete content pages
  • Maintain your professional design ...your website's design isn't "broken' or altered, making sure it remains looking professional, consistent and easy to use


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